We offer advisory as well as specialized fertilizers, in addition to our maintenance, irrigation and pruning services for small/medium green areas.


A surveillance in the residential/urban area is carried out. According to plants types, fertilizers are suggested to get an optimal vegetative growth, as well as pest prevention methods.


In addition to the usual garden/orchard maintenance work, contribute to its nutrition and health is important. Depending on substrates different types, we offer fertilizer solutions for:

  • Patio gardens: interior, front or rear
  • Apartments vertical gardens
  • Home or terrace garden

HYDROPONIC – Water-based crops

There are vast benefits by using this type of farming, such as water saving and making yield possible in limited environmental condition.

Traviser offers easy absorption fertilizers, so they can be accurately disseminated in hydroponic systems. 


We provide a wide variety of fertilizers, soil correctors and biostimulants that help, municipal or business green areas, of our city or even country, to keep in perfect condition.

Making use of technics that guarantee the flowers, trees, plants, green areas well-being, while respecting their biology and environment, is a priority for us.